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Debt Recovery

Specialist Debt Recovery Solicitors

The longer a debt is left the harder it is to recover. A debtor will, most likely, owe other individuals and businesses money and it is the party that takes action and shows the intent to recover their money that will be paid first.

Are your customers slow to pay and fail to settle their debts on time?
Is the valuable time spent chasing debts costing you money?
How much of your money is tied up in unpaid debts?

Your business can quickly get into financial trouble if customers fail to pay on time. We aim to develop a relationship with our clients and understand their business. We offer a 7 day debt recovery letter (letter before action), giving you the best possible chance of recovering your money.

Our debt collection team tailor our services to the needs of small businesses with a single debt, or to large companies with multiple debtors. For us to begin working to collect your money all you need to do is email details of your debts and we will take care of the rest.

Once we are in receipt of your instructions we will write to your debtor demanding payment within 7 days – the majority of debts are paid at this stage. Subject to instructions, we will start legal proceedings to recover your money if the debtor has not paid within 7 days.

We will keep you informed at every stage of the debt collection process and ensure that you make informed decisions. We will always explain the costs involved and all the actions taken will be carefully considered to make sure that they are proportionate to the debt in question and maximise the potential for the recovery of the monies owed.

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