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The R Team

Posted on 31 May 2018 by Rachel Perry-Masterman and Rachel Follett

In our Bridport office, the residential team is no "A" Team; they are known as the "R" Team "The Rachel's"!

Rachel Perry-Masterman is a Graduate Member of CILeX and Rachel Follett is a Conveyancing Executive. They can both assist in all areas of conveyancing.

There are many meanings of the name "Rachel". Rachel is of Hebrew origin and the meaning of Rachel is 'ewe', a female sheep. In the bible, Rachel is Jacob's wife, and she is decribed as being beautiful in form and countenance. 

According to Urban Dictionary, a Rachel is a kind, caring and sweet person. She does what she thinks can help and is great at giving advice to people. There is also a pin on Pinterest that claims a career in law suits people called Rachel!

However, we at pardoes think these best sums up the "R" Team:

Change of Ownership
House sale and purchase
Equity Release
Lease Extensions or Leasehold and Freehold Titles

Calm (and Cake-loving!)

Please feel free to hpone our Bridport office on 01308 459533 and ask to speak with "one of the Rachels"!

Posted in: Buying & Selling Your Home