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What is the hot weather doing to your house!

Posted on 31 July 2018 by Julia Wilson-Sharpe

What is the hot weather doing to your house!

As we all enjoy the longest hottest summer in the last five years, global warning promises we will see more of the same in the future. We know that some of us are suffering the heat and some of us are enjoying it, but what about the properties we are living in. How is the heat and lack of rain effecting our homes.

Subsidence is an issue for some properties, particularly for older buildings but can also effect newer properties. This is something that can affect us all whether we are buying or selling.

Subsidence is the downward movement of the ground supporting a building.

Subsidence is often caused by the lack of moisture in the ground causing shrinkage of the soil. Clay soil in particular. Trees can exacerbate the problem as they sap up much of the moisture in the ground. Putting a property to rights can be very expensive and very worrying for us.

When buying a home, what can we do to avoid being faced with this problem:

  • Speak to your Solicitor who knows the area who may be able to direct you.
  • Obtain an independent survey.
  • Check with your insurance company that subsidence is included in the cover.
  • When viewing, look for cracks inside and out. 
  • Any crack larger than 5mm should be investigated. Of course not all cracks may be due to subsidence.

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