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Fifty & Fabulous!

Posted on 29 August 2018 by Catherine Murton

Fifty & Fabulous!

The last month has been quite a milestone one for me as I reached my fiftieth birthday on the same day that our wonderful NHS reached its seventieth anniversary. After several months of fretting about the end of my forties I woke on the appointed day and didn’t feel any different than I had the day before! In fact, I was reminded by all of the cards and messages how very fortunate I am to have wonderful family and friends and it was bliss to be thoroughly pampered for the day.

In hindsight, I think my concerns about the passing decade were very much about putting my house in order. Time moves on so quickly and modern living is so pressured that there were things that I had promised myself I would do when I turned forty that were still undone ten years on. So instead of thinking about things and not getting to them, I have booked trips to places I want to visit, bought tickets to see ELO (definitely the last chance to see them as they are older than me!) and organised a get together of lots of old friends that usually get nothing more than a Christmas Card, even though these are people whose company I love.

I have also spent some time on the boring things, but sorting these out has given me peace of mind. My Will still had a guardianship clause for my sons, who clearly still need looking after, but are of majority so will have to fend for themselves! I had also included a legacy for someone that I have had no contact with for ten years and, worst of all, there was nothing included to ensure Cara the dog was looked after. I realised that if anything happened to me, my wonderful partner would have no right to continue living in our home as it is registered at Land Registry in my sole name. So I have included in my Will a right for him to stay there for his life rent free. He spoiled me rotten for my birthday so I’m glad he won’t have to resort to a caravan somewhere!

In 2007, I executed an Enduring Power of Attorney just before the law was revised and Lasting Power of Attorney was introduced. To be honest, I hadn’t looked at it for years and was slightly horrified to note that I had appointed my father, who has since passed away, and my ex-husband as my attorneys! Enduring Power of Attorney only deals with property and financial affairs in any case so I have now executed Lasting Power of Attorney (appointing alive and appropriate attorneys) and the additional Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare. At least I now know that there will be someone sensible to choose my care home!

Lasting Power of Attorney is much more thorough than Enduring Power of Attorney and it allows instructions and guidance to be given to the chosen attorneys. My line of work takes me to all of the residential care homes in the area and, being very fussy, I have suggested to my attorneys where I would like to end my days if care is required.

One month into my fifties and my affairs are in order and my social life is looking good! I probably can’t help with the latter but if you would like some assistance with the former give me a call on 01935 382689 or email me at catherine.murton@pardoes.co.uk or call into one of our free legal clinics.

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