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The Memory of Walking

Posted on 14 May 2019 by Julia Wilson-Sharpe

The Memory of Walking

Having recently found myself un-able to drive, I have re-discovered walking.

Like many drivers, the car has become my second pair of legs for even the shortest of journeys. The corner shop - less than five minuets walk - was an inconvenience when the car was on the drive.

I have since walked to the corner shop and the town several times. My recent trips have revealed some benefits from walking. I believe I am more aware of what is going on in the town and my surroundings, people stop and say hello and I feel a little fitter.

Looking back at my school years, very few people had a car. I walked with friends to school and back every day come rain or shine. We had fun and enjoyed it. Of course we rarely went direct to school, often stopping at the park or the shop first. On the way home we stopped to chat to the new kid on the block from the boy’s school next to ours.
The point is we never minded the 3 mile walk there or the 3 miles back. We enjoyed it, we were healthier and we never questioned it. We certainly never expected to own a car and didn’t really want one.

I do wonder though, how long it will be before that car becomes too easy to ignore.

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