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Be vigilant to avoid scammers taking advantage of Covid-19 situation

Posted on 20 March 2020 by Laura Godfrey

Be vigilant to avoid scammers taking advantage of Covid-19 situation

We want to take this opportunity to remind people to be aware of scammers taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since many face-to-face meetings will be cancelled and more people will be working from home, it is important to be more aware when exchanging emails.

We are aware that cyber criminals are using the current situation to impersonate organisations to catch people out and obtain information such as bank details.

We want to remind people about how to spot fraudulent emails – be aware of:

  1. A cloned email domain (so it appears to be sent from one person/organisation but in fact isn’t)
  2. Phishing scams e.g.
  • “click here for …” but after clicking malware is installed on the recipient’s computer; or
  • Emails with attachments which when they are opened installs malware on the recipient’s computer.

Our advice to those people receiving emails from us is to double check the email address of the sender and look out for small changes in the email. Although cyber criminals can copy an organisations email domain they can’t do a 100% copy. Also watch out for emails with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and odd financial requests. 

If you receive an email from us and have any concerns or doubts then please feel free to contact us by telephone to check whether the email was sent from us.

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